Friday, July 9, 2010


Monday, June 14, 2010

WORSHIP CAMP crazyness

In my ability to revive this soon to be dead blog! im gonna write out my amazing experience during the worship camp at peace haven! First of all! Its amazing how! the church has such a great place to call home! where we can have never ending camps and enjoy ourselves! thank God for his genorosity towards our church


To be totally honest !I wasnt as excited to attend this camp as i should have been! because i thought it would probably be like any normal camp! but just like any camp! God blew my mind out proportion! I had the opportunity of meeting all these awesome Singapore friends ! and i did quite a bit berbonding wit them! and its safe to say that these relationships which i had made with them would surely last for many years to come! What wowed me the most was these to amazing speakers God had sent just for this camp
Ps Rose and Ps Rhordan! they are to wonderful speakers who made question my faith ... and through their messages God showed me something wonderful.. He said I am gonna be a song writer in the future .... yay haha im so happy ! Apart from the awesome messages, I learned a few other things:

1) The singaporians are almost the same as us ! they love the same music and talk like us(i think) and are just as crazy as all of us malaysians... EXCEPT that they a shocked bout out moth sizes and have a different way of showing chope!

2) Mali ! is one of the most perkiest jumpy crazy hyper person i have ever met! and plus she takes awesome photos

3) The singaporians are a whole lot of fun to hang out with !!!!

4) Audrey is one awesome ukelili player hahahaha

5) Rachel is was more scared of moths than i thought !!! she called it a bird!
6) Leon ! doesnt seem 20 ! haha and that goes for Mali tooo

7) Nancy!!! is one crazy speed player

8) Vicky is scared of balloons and she is does fighting =)

9) Together , all these crazy singaporians make up the coolest worship team ever, ofcourse haha apart from FGA KL ! XD

10) Dalton is one awesome drum player =)

Oh ya ! not to forget that i had a great time with my now closer friends Jasmine a.k.a mummy,michelle a.k.a the funny face maker ,delaney a.k.a the lotion lender ,elena Lai a.k.a the sleepy head , danielle a.k.a Im scared of balloons , Kristen a.k.a Tan Mei Mei , Kayley a.k.a the pretty face, Lee Cheng a.k.a Jello crazy , Sarah Yong a.k.a Q1 (haha), Molly a.k.a Q2 andCheryl a.k.a Fitness freak ! Hopefully we'd get to combine our worship camp again next year ! Until then ! Keep abiding in God!!!!

PICTURES............ (that i stole from Facebook)

Kristen, me , mali and nancy!

Danielle lifted all of us up with her bare hands!

The wonderful FGA!

Camp photo!

The moth everyone is scared of !

funny jump shot photo

Introduction session

my crazy face

me and mali


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dance Dance

Came across this dance crew on one of my friends facebook walls ! I thought to introduce it to the world haha ! Their super funny asian dudes who can dance super awesomely ! watch it and get amazed ! Sorry the videos a lil blur ! its the best i could find haha i was lazy !]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goals b4 24th July

why 24 july ! Its just a random date that happens to be in the middle of the year !

1) I promised Jasmine I will be as tall or taller than her
2) Stop being broke all the time
3)Ace my Intervensi(most likely not happening)
4)Have a cookout with friends !(that would be fun ,burning down the kitchen with my close friends)
5)Hopefully Go rollerblading and not fall a thousand times
6)Run a marathon
7)Win an arm wrestling contest with a guy(also not likely to happen)
8)Collect 2 more medals
9)Get 5cm taller
10)Go overseas(we'll start at singapore first)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Im broke hehe, cant study and i want to watch movies. As hard as i try to sit down and study it doesnt work, either i sleep of or i would run of and do something else ,for instance this! I am actually suppose to be studying now ! I have Mats homeworrk given by my freaky mats teacher to complete and i still cant do it ! Now all i want to do is watch movies ! The 8 movies i want to watch now is ( its not following sequence ,i dont even know wat the sequence is) :

1) Alice In wonderland- 3d awesome ! I want to watch ! It sounds awesome especially with Johnny Depps character

2) Percy Jackson- My sister says it was good and i am to broke to watch ! I guess i will just read the book first then watch on astro hehe

3)How to Tame ur Dragon- I won 4 tickets to watch it but it dates this sunday at 10.30 and i am gonna be loyal to church and my duty towards the Cute 3 year old crying kids

4)Lovely Bones- What a name ! hehe but i watch the trailer and it looks cool

5)Valentines Day- alot of people say its boring but I want to watch it cos alot of famous actors are in it =)

6)The Book Of Eli- Yeah Cool huh ! The person with the last bible on earth ! Sadly I cant watch it its 18 ! O well i'll just wait for it on Astro

7) Soloman Kane - My friend Recommended it =)

8) Remember Me- I know what ur think " eehhh ! Robbert Patttinson " hehe Thats wat i thought hehe !bUT i havent watch a movie wit him it other than TwILight so I just wanna see it for fun

Hmmm anyone who wants to go for a movie wif me can belanja Laaa ! Im too broke to watch a movie =) I need to save ! I have to stop shopping for Candy

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Old Days

I remember the memorable times last year just after the life changing mission trip at slim river. We all barely knew each other and in 3 short days Jaclyn, Selena, Janice ,Mandy, Jonathan, John ,Justin, Delon and me became such tight friends. We went to mamak everyweek , we saved seats for each other for service, we sat together, we talked non stop ! It went on ! We met Huei Minn ,Melissa, Sek Hao,Jocelyn ,Iris, Gabe ,Eugenia and Basil . We even joined forces with the Form 4 bunch consisting of Alex, Jo Fann, Alicia, Ian and Jem. It was more awesome than ever ! With Jo fann and ians lameness, Alex awesomeness(haha) ,Johns highness, Mels melness ,Jaclyns Crazyness it was just great.... But After Conference and Jacs birthday it just stoped ! The guys sat wit guys and the girl sat wit girls for service. We rarely went to mamak together ,We had nothing much to talk about ,Plans to meet up just failed ! What happened, Many people approach me and ask what happened to u guys ! U guys used to be like best friends ! Then it Hit me ! What did happen ! Dramatic isnt it ? I miss it too ! I kinda wish i could turn back the clocks and go back to those times and figure out what happened . But I cant! But this i can....... Any one up for Mamak ! For old times sake .Can we actually make it work ! I just want the awesome bunch of Form 2's that i once knew back !

Monday, March 8, 2010


Wow i didnt know i could do it ,but i did it! I trained so hard for it and i finally got it ! Olahragawati under 15 wohooo! I achieved 4 golds and and 5th for merentas desa! Im so glad! Thanks to God ofcourse and all my friends who encouraged me and jogged wit me ! It sure was an experience to be remembered ! Now im sad to say that its over=( But o well! I will just have to wait till next year! Im so gonna train harder this year so i can get olahragawati overall! hehe i know its early but early is better than late! who want to follow me for jogs heheh! yeah im gonna need all the training i can get! My mind is made up my new goal for next year is OLAHRAGAWATI!